Vacancy for Laravel application developer – Full Time, Remote Job

Laravel Application Developer

Full time | Remote Job

Posted On 24/09/2020

Job Information

  • Industry
  • Technology

Work Experience

  • 4-5 years

Job Description

You are a PHP developer and love everything about it. You have come to understand that Laravel is an amazing framework to development applications and API’s and you have a good understanding of the packages available and you have used at least 3 of the products created by Laravel.

The job requires you to work on application development project(s) along side a team or as a standalone programmer to build custom software or API’s powered by Laravel.

This is a remote job opportunity. This also mean’s its a full time job and not a freelance gig. We are looking for passionate individual’s who can work well with a remote team and who can code clean and well structured applications


Your skills with Laravel:

  • You have a years of experience coding in PHP (ofcoz!)
  • You have a deep understanding of the Laravel framework
  • You have used the tools under the Laravel eco system such as Telescope (, Envoyer (, Dusk (, Horizon (
  • You have coded applications before and specifically using the Laravel Fortify package for authentication.
  • You use a Linux based operating system (not set in stone!) and have good knowledge on how to use Homestead for Laravel.
  • You understand how the MVC structure works
  • You love Laravel so much, that you already started experimented with Laravel 8.

Your Skills with Database

  • You understand everything about MySQL. You know how to optimize data storage by creating indexes that are relevant and how to create a scalable model with distributed data storage.
  • You also enjoy working with NoSQL databases and you know for a fact that Laravel comes with a native support for Redis. We want to hear from you how you have used Redis or any other NoSQL database for your previous work.
  • You have heard of Riak ( – the cool, new and enterprise level NoSQL database that is taking over data storage.

You can brainstorm and come up with well distributed business logic management with data storage structures. You have used to plan your database before writing migrations in Laravel.

Your Skills with UI Development

  • You find TailwindCSS – or the ability to have a utility first CSS framework as a better option than using a bloated CSS framework.
  • You know how to use Laravel Mix to compile assets
  • You understand how to create CSS with SASS.

P.S We can provide hands on training with TailwindCSS to all new recruits! It’s easy – you will get it pretty quickly if you have worked with SASS.

Your Skills with Code Management

  • You are a good programmer! which means you commit your code to Git daily with proper descriptions per commit.
  • You commit often – you commit smaller bit’s of code and push by the end of the day.
  • You can handle a code merge.
  • You understand what is git stash.
  • You communicate and brainstorm regularly on business logic.
  • This is a remote position.

What won’t work for us!

  • We are looking for PHP developers at this point. Skills in ASP.NET, Python, Ruby or anything else may not be very useful for this role.
  • If you cant work remotely.