Nominate your EA for the 12th Executive Assistant Leadership Digital Summit and Awards

This intense meet is designed to meet the unique training needs of Executive Assistants :

A world-class platform, one-to-one meetings with the experts, and the opportunity to network with your peers will arm you with the information you need. The summit will discuss key challenges being faced, and the opportunities, The Summit comprises of : 

1) Engaging fireside chats
2) Thought-provoking group discussions on the key issues to bring out their relevant solutions
3) Focused tracks and interactive sessions

Understanding the new normal will be a mixed environment, This summit will bring together stalwarts from across the industry to enable the exchange of ideas and discuss the trends that will help take the EA to the next level. 

Join us and meet new friends for an experience that will leave you inspired, informed, and empowered!

How will you benefit?

1) Understand the strategic role of today’s Executive Assistant
2) Become more effective in a top management team setting
3) Learn to set personal objectives and develop a plan for your own career and knowledge development
4) Build and maintain different organizing systems that will lead to increased productivity
5) Develop your excellence and add new skills to their professional portfolio
Why you should attend?

1) You won’t be a SILENT SPECTATOR

2) You will get access to a new solutions for your professional development
3) An opportunity to discuss about industry challenges with the Industry experts and Top leaders
4) Make business contact with likeminded EAs and brainstorm on the latest developments
5) You will get full access to all event’s presentations and recordings