Digital Media Predictions for 2022 on 25-Jan-2022

The pandemic has brought tremendous change in the content consumption patterns and there is a significant spike in digital demand past few months. As publishers embrace the increasing shift to digital, it’s time for some crystal ball gazing to predict the trends and methods that will become increasingly relevant in 2022.

Be it innovative revenue models, new and upcoming distribution channels or disruptive changes brought about by the proliferation of Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, the future promises exciting possibilities.

As Quintype enters 2022 with an aim to continue to provide innovative and future-proof digital publishing solutions, we are presenting this exclusive webinar on “Digital Media Predictions for 2022”!

We have an esteemed speaker panel, Mr. Raghav Bahl, Co-founder of Quint Digital Media Limited and Mr. Chirdeep Shetty, CEO of Quintype Technologies Pvt Ltd, sharing their expert insights on the topic.