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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Business Causeway MiddleEast

leading IT & Business Consultancy in Kuwait

Business Causeway MiddleEast is a leading IT & Business Consultancy in Kuwait, GCC & Middle East. Having exposure in various business verticals and different business applications, the company has several years of experience in servicing customers with a wide range of leading-edge solutions in the arena of IT Consulting, Business Consulting and Skill development. Since 2015, we have participated in numerous key projects and served some of the most valued clients in the region.

Your Link in Digital Transformation Why Us ?

Our unique approach is that we establish a good understanding of your goals and objectives, your requirements or problem/pain points. Then we benchmark the best practice, globally and regionally for the said business verticals, along with our local and global partners. Equipped with this knowledgea, we then talk about any potential solutions and build the roadmap, deploying the best pillars in technology, process and people.

The BCME Journey

Sustainable Business & Profitable Growth

After a long period of 23 years of corporate job life serving big firms, in 2015, the founder embarked on the journey to offer business applications solutions and online business development consulting to end customers and also participate along with enterprise service providers. With extensive exposure to business applications, along with acumen of business operations, finance, with penetration to Kuwait, GCC and Middle East market place, he is well-positioned to lead the customer journeys to sustainable business and profitable growth. In preparations for the post-Covid business landscape,we have restructured our business with a rich service offerings portfolio.


To provide innovative solutions and services which help achieve top line and bottom lines business results while ensuring the best return on investment for the customers.


Using People, Process & Technology to Achieve Our Vision.


Innovation, Automation, Partnership, Mutual Growth, Global Outreach.